Distribution Transformer – Mineral Oil or Ester (Natural or Synthetic) Fluid Filled

3si Eco Power Design, manufacture and supply a range of Mineral oil (ONAN) and Fluid filled (KNAN , Ester) Transformers, both step up and step down. High voltage side from 3.3Kv and up to 33Kv. Low voltage side from 380V – 433V. Ratings on offer is from 100kva to 2500kva. We can design and manufacture other specific voltages and ratings if required.

We primarily design and produce Energy Efficient Transformers to IS1180 Part 1 – 2014 and IS 2026. We also design and manufacture to other International Standards like IEC 60076, BS, European Union Ecodesign Directive of 548/2014 and other National Standards.