Scott Connected


What it is? A Scott connected transformer is a type of circuit device used to convert a three-phase supply (3-φ, 120-degree phase rotation) to a two-phase (2-φ, 90-degree phase rotation), or vice-versa. The Scott connection evenly distributes a balanced load between the phases of the source. How it all started? In the later part of 19th century, two phase […]

Why an employee leaves a company

Yesterday (17.03.2018) when I was taking a session on the topic “Aligning with Company’s Vision”, an interesting point came for discussion. The point is why an employee leaves a company? The following are the reasons felt by the group.  1.       Nothing more to learn 2.       Salary 3.       Office Politics 4.       No more hierarchical levels to reach 5.       Family Commitments 6.       Socio-political […]

Partial Discharges in Transformers – Simplified

You might have come across while dealing with transformers with the word “Partial Discharge”. Sometimes people ask “have you carried out partial discharge test?”. So let us understand what partial discharge is about in simple words. What are Partial Discharges?  Electrical discharges in insulating media that only partially bridges the insulation between conductors are partial discharges. […]

K – Rated Transformers – Simplified

We have seen in previous posts how there is increase in non linear loads and in what way they effect the power systems. In a nut shell, because of increase in usage of modern electronic machinery like computers, printers, etc which are non linear in load affecting the fundamental wave shape of currents there by […]

Improve Your Team – Your Responsibility

Not meeting deadlines. Team is de-motivated. No one takes responsibility and passing the buck is order of the day. Pressure from peers. Frustration. What next??This is the most common scenario with many of us at our work place. As a team leader or the top man of your company it is your responsibility to make […]

Harmonics In Electrical Circuits

What are Harmonics? A finely distributed stator and field windings when operated in a uniform magnetic field of an ideal generator generates pure sinusoidal voltages. The sine waveform would be a perfect one. But in reality it is not possible to have generation of perfect sinusoidal voltages. The reason is in any working AC machines, […]